Kosice & Eastern Slovakia

Kosice & Eastern Slovakia

It is the cafes and restaurants around Košice’s Hlavná Námestie (central square) that make the atmosphere of Bratislava’s second city so special. The way the dinky Old Town streets are laid out, with live music from the restaurants ricocheting between them and ample outside tables on which to soak up the afternoon sun, seems like the city was made for sitting, eating and drinking in. And in the spirit of second cities worldwide there is a proud defiance of the capital here in the eating scene which has its own stylish ambience – particularly since the European City of Culture 2013 preparations spruced up the centre. Outside Košice? Well, there are also some gems of eateries in places like Unesco-listed Bardejov or, closer to the Tatras, in the beautiful old town of Levoča.  

ALSO IN THIS REGION… Stick around in this sub-section for more on the culinary offerings of Košice and Eastern Slovakia but don’t forget to check the best things to do in this region, courtesy of our Places to Go/Kosice & Eastern Slovakia AND our Places to Stay/Kosice & Eastern Slovakia sub-section for cool places to stay hereabouts. We’ve also got more on Košice in the Getting Around Slovakia section!

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Places to eat and drink in Kosice & Eastern Slovakia

  • The pavement cafe scene of Kosice at Republika Východu ©www.englishmaninslovakia.co.ukKošice: Republika Východu

    We have been featuring a lot of cuisine-related articles on the site of late. But there is a pertinent reason for that: Slovakia has come on leaps and bounds in gastronomic terms these last two or three years, and keeping tabs on the rapidly-developing food scene is a bit like keeping tabs on wildly escalating ...

  • Košice: Fairytale Breakfast

    I’m not (for once) using artistic licence. Raňajkáreň Rozprávka means just that: a fairytale breakfast joint. This cute little brunch stop on the back streets of Košice even invented the word “raňajkáreň” – as a cukráreň serves cakes, is the idea, so a raňajkáreň specialises in breakfasts. Good breakfasts. This place, in fact, gives itself ...